The roots of the newspaper that is now the Peoria Journal Star started more than one hundred and fifty years ago in 1855 with the Peoria Daily Transcript. This publication was founded by N.C Nason and had a circulation or about 60,000 copies. The Peoria Journal rose as competition in 1877 and was started by a former editor of the Daily Transcript. There were several different newspapers than started and competed throughout the next sixty years and they finally all came together as Peoria Newspapers Inc in 1944. This included a morning paper called the Star and an afternoon paper called the Journal-Transcript, which could give you the latest on a new radiation shielding plant opening in the city or a national election. This lasted for ten years until it became one daily publication called the Journal Star.

While this edition has the largest circulation in downstate Illinois and the fourth highest in the state, it has stayed relatively consistent and not grown much over the years. Now, as it reports on international news about commercial mortgage solutions to stories of local events and festivals, it serves around 65,000 customers daily. This makes them the 136th largest newspaper in the whole of America.

The Journal Star is now owned by the Fairport, New York based company GateHouse Media, which runs ninety-seven daily publications in twenty different states across the country. This affords them a network of journalists that can provide stories on a clean-up mission with a water treatment chemical supplier for an oil spill or on the latest with the economy of European Union countries across the ocean. They are able to provide this news through their daily publications and the Journal Star website.

There are some people who still enjoy reading about everything from last night's sports game to the current gold and silver prices from the comfort of their recliner at the end of the day and some people who now prefer to get their news whenever and wherever they want on their computer screen. Both of those people will most likely be happy with what is offered by the staff at the Peoria Journal Star.

In the physical edition of the newspaper you will find all of the essential sections from national news to stories on entertainment and weather. Online this is all there plus some interactive elements like blogs, photos, and places where readers can add in their own two cents. If you have a comment on local spending on new municipal vehicles or want to watch a video than you will find what you're looking for here. There is also information in finding a home in the area, cars, and even shopping tips and coupons.

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